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The Network of Australian Teachers of German (NATG) was founded in July 2002 to facilitate networking at a national level, between states and territories in Australia. The NATG consists of representatives from German professional teaching associations in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia, the German teachers' branch of MLTAQ (Queensland) and German teacher networks in the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory and Tasmania. These representatives meet once a year in conjunction with either the Goethe-Institut Australia National German Teachers' Conference or the AFMLTA national conference.

NATG Statement of Purposes
The Network of Australian Teachers of German works cooperatively with the Goethe-Institut Australia:

  • to promote the teaching and learning of German in Australia;
  • to promote networking between teachers of German within states and territories;
  • to promote cooperation between teachers of German across Australia;
  • to represent and support teachers of German on matters of common interest and concern;
  • to cooperate with state, national and international organisations e.g. der Internationale Deutschlehrerverband IDV, the German Studies of Australia Association GSAA, the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations AFMLTA, which support the teaching of German and other languages.

The NATG is endorsed by the Goethe-Institut in Australia who have provided funding for the development of a national email network and AusDaF, the official website of the Network of Australian Teachers of German.

From 2003, the German teachers' journal SZENE has been promoted as a national publication supported by the NATG and the Goethe-Institut Australia with reports and information from all states and territories. SZENE promotes the sharing of ideas and resources between teachers across Australia.


The NATG has met annually since 2002. The 2017 meeting was held in Adelaide (see photo for participants).

The current correspondence secretary for the NATG can be contacted by email:

A formal letter of introduction to the NATG can be pdf DOWNLOADED HERE

This may be useful for teachers of German, school administrators, network leaders and others who wish to promote and support the NATG.