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Statement on Languages Education from the NATG

The Network of Australian Teachers of German (NATG) values and supports the learning and teaching of all Languages in Australia. The learning of Languages strongly supports all of the goals of the Melbourne Declaration, particularly with respect to developing active and informed citizens who:

  •  appreciate Australia’s social, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity
  •  are able to relate to and communicate across cultures
  •  are responsible global and local citizens.

German is a valuable and important language to learn in Australia. German is the most widely spoken language in Europe and is being learnt by students throughout Australia and the world.

There is comprehensive support for teachers of German in Australia including:

  •  Regional, State and Territory, and national teacher networks
  •  Outstanding professional development opportunities within Australia and overseas
  •  High quality curriculum resources for Primary and Secondary schools
  •  State or Territory and national competitions and events for students
  •  Promotional and cultural events for students and the wider community
  •  Scholarships and exchanges for teachers and students to German-speaking countries
  •  Support from the German-speaking communities and businesses in Australia and beyond
  •  Cooperative partnerships with government and curriculum authorities.

The NATG is committed to developing further the collaborative partnerships we share for the promotion of German with the associations and networks for German throughout Australia and in partnership with Goethe-Institut Australia and the German-speaking communities in Australia and beyond.

The Goethe-Institut Australia has recently published an information brochure "A Language with Heart" explaining

Why German is a Wise Choice for the Australian Curriculum.

This new and impressive brochure was published by the Goethe-Institut Australia and is now available for students at school and university, parents, school leaders and all who are involved with learning Languages. Facts, statistics and links will help teachers to convince all doubters about the importance of German for the Australian Curriculum. The following chapter headings show the power of the content:  

  •  Learning Languages in the Australian Curriculum: German is a wise choice (with a statement from and photo of Julia Gillard as Education Minister)
  •  German in the Australian Curriculum: German enjoys extensive support
  •  German Opens Doors: German is good for your career
  •  German Expands your Horizons: German gives you access to a rich culture
  •  German Shortens the Distance: There are many ways to get to Germany
  •  German Gives you an Edge: Studying in Germany is an exciting option
  •  German(y) in Australia: German is just around the corner
  •  Germany(y) is Fun: Facts you didn't know about German
  •  German is the Key to Europe: German connects you with Europe

To download a pdf version of this brochure pdf CLICK HERE.