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Developed by a PhD student at the University of Leeds, England along with a fellow postgraduate student at Cardiff University, Hannah O’Connor, this German film resource is designed to assist teachers of German. The website, , is the culmination of an AHRC-funded project aimed at encouraging postgraduates to consider how they can act as ambassadors for German studies for sixth form pupils (UK).

The website covers eleven films: Das Leben der Anderen, Die Welle, Das weiße Band, Alles auf Zucker!, Der Baader Meinhof Komplex, The Reader, Der Kreiger und die Kaiserin, Good Bye Lenin!, Aimée und Jaguar, Wir sind die Nacht, Lola rennt. Two presentations are in German: Alles aud Zucker! and Lola rennt. All the presentations come with downloadable transcripts.

There are also three Film Guides which are designed to foster deeper engagement with German film heritage and film studies. The Guides available at the moment are: ‘How to Read a film’, ‘The Transition to Sound’ and ‘The Military in East German Film’. We will be adding to the Film Guides over the next few months. Additionally there is a vocabulary area with a range of film-related vocabulary. All the film presentations also come with a range of resources which can be downloaded such as vocabulary lists, questions for discussion and key terms.

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