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Our German Heritage - resources about German-speakers in Australia
This website has been created by Dave Nutting for two purposes: i) as a resource for students and teachers; ii) for anyone with a general interest in the contribution of German-speakers to Australia. This site was not designed for genealogical research. People carrying out family history research could visit the list of Australian websites and projects hosted by Most of the pages are available in both German and English, apart from certain pages intended for specific tasks to be done by students of German. Thankyou very much to many individuals and organisations in Australia and in Europe for their kindness and generosity in supplying material and information. Please note that the inclusion of several items in this website was permitted by copyright-holders on the condition that the items are not used for commercial purposes. Linking: if you wish to link to or to cite this website, please use the following URL:
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German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
The 'DAAD Information Centre Sydney' welcomes you to Australia's first internet portal on higher education in Germany! Here you will find up to date information on studying, research and living in Germany - right in the heart of Europe!
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Arbeits- und Servicestelle für Internationale Studienbewerbungen (Deutschland)
uni-assist e.V. is an association of German universities. It was founded on the initiative of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). uni-assist (originally ASSIST) is a certification office founded to make the application procedure for international student applicants easier and at the same time to support German universities in the selection of their foreign students. All applicants wanting to study at one of the members of uni-assist have to send their applications not to the chosen university, but to uni-assist. This web site deals with all questions about uni-assist, the universities taking part and the application procedure and should help you to get closer to studying in Germany.
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