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  • Student Event: 18.07. - 18.07.2019, German Careers Day
    German Careers Day Speaking German can open up many different career opportunities in the global market. The German Careers Day for secondary students in Year 8-12 is the perfect opportunity to explore where your German language skills can take you.

    Registration closes Monday 1 July 2019 or prior if booked out. Further information and detailed program will soon be available.

  • Culture and Language Evening: 07.06.2019, Culture and Language Evening ?Bauhaus?
    Bauhaus Teachers of German and language course participants, join us on a Friday evening for a talk on Bauhaus followed by a conversation over refreshments in a relaxed setting. Architect Steffen Welsch, who studied in the renowned Bauhaus University in Weimar, will present the main aspects of this art school founded by Walter Gropius in 1919 and its strong influence in the areas of architecture, art and design.
    This event is free but registrations by Tuesday 4 June 2019  are necessary.

    Register here.  

  • Film with introduction: 01.06.2019, German Film Festival: Bauhaus Spirit in Brisbane
    Bauhaus Figurines In order to celebrate the Bauhaus Centenary, the Goethe-Institut presents a comprehensive event-series that starts off with the documentary Bauhaus Spirit - 100 Years of Bauhaus by Niels Bolbrinker. This documentary will be co-presented by Palace Cinemas and is part of the German Film Fest 2019.

    Against the backdrop of its 100th anniversary this documentary portrays the fascinating history of Walter Gropius? Bauhaus, one of our century's most influential architectural schools. Bauhaus made art, design and architecture political: How should we live together and how can rooms be designed in such way that all people can be part of a community? These were the questions that Marcel Breuer, Paul Klee and Wasily Kandinsky discussed and the Bauhaus ideas still shape our society today.

    Prof Andrew McNamara will introduce a screening in Brisbane and contribute his viewpoint on Bauhaus in Australia.  He is professor for art history at the Queensland University of Technology and is co-author of the book Bauhaus Diaspora and Beyond (August 2019) as well as part of the project team of the exhibition Bauhaus in Australia.


  • Exhibition Opening: 13.09.2018, Opening Night Dynamics of Air
    Testing CloudscapesJoin us in the celebration of the exhibition opening of Dynamics of Air and get a preview before the official first day on September 14. 
    How do designers, artists, scientists and researchers work with an intangible atmospheric medium such as air? Explore it, alter it, adjust it, feel it, smell it, walk through it, languish in it?

    This highly innovative exhibition showcases design and creative practice research, capturing the beauty, dynamics and sensuality of air in our built environment and its critical role in designing for a zero carbon future. Bringing together leading local and international practicing designers, artists, architects, researchers and students, Dynamics of Air explores radical innovations for creative sustainability in design and the built environment.

    The opening night will also showcase the performance White Clouds of Sugar by German artist Mikael Mikael and Melbourne dancer Deanne Butterworth.

    Featuring artists and designers including: Thomas Auer ? Transsolar, Friedrich von Borries and Edith Kollath (Germany), Philippe Rahm (Switzerland / France), Enric Ruiz Geli (Spain), Breathe Earth Collective (Austria), Little Wonder (Gyungju Chyon & John Sadar USA), and from Australia; Natasha Johns-Messenger, Cameron Robbins, Malte Wagenfeld, Chris Cottrell, Simon Watkins, Jane Burry, and Steve Howden (3D Inflate). The exhibition is curated by Dr. Malte Wagenfeld from RMIT University, and Jane Burry, Professor at Swinburne University of Technology.

    H. E. Dr Anna Prinz, the German Ambassador to Australia will officially open the exhibition. Furthermore, Prof Thomas Auer from Transsolar will speak at the opening.

    Event series: Dynamics of Air

  • Artist talk: 09.10.2018, Scientific Photography
    Bottle cap gas dynamicsPhred Petersen was originally trained as a research chemist. Somewhere along the line, he got interested in photography and decided that there had to be a way that photography had some application to help us see things in scientific research. As a consequence, he quit his job as a research chemist, went off to school and studied scientific photography.

    Peterson?s work is a world away from a quick Instagram snap taken on a smart phone. As an expert in a highly technical visual process known as "Schlieren photography", he uses two optically matched parabolic mirrors to create photographs and videos which reveal invisible changes in air. Phred Petersen specialises in applications of photography for scientific and industrial research. His research collaborations include the study of fuel sprays for green engine technology, behaviour of liquid metal alloys for microfluidic applications, flow visualisation for micro air vehicles, and human impact on environmental air quality.

    This kind of photography is primarily made for scientific purposes, however, one can not deny the aestetics and often bizarre beauty of these pieces.  

    Event series: Dynamics of Air

  • Talk: 01.11.2018, Explorations of Air
    Malte Wagenfeld, Aesthetics of Air, RMIT Gallery, 2011Professor Jane Burry is the Dean of the School of Design in the Faculty of Health, Arts and Design at Swinburne University of Technology, formerly Professor and Director of the Spatial Information Architecture
    Laboratory (SIAL) at RMIT University. Her research focuses on mathematics and computing in contemporary design. Jane Burry has practiced, taught, supervised and researched internationally, including many architectural projects and involvement as a project architect in the technical office at Gaudí?s Sagrada Família church in Barcelona.

    Dr Malte Wagenfeld is Senior Lecturer of Industrial Design at RMIT University as well as a researcher and practicing industrial designer whose explorative designs and texts have been internationally exhibited, distributed and published. As well as designing physical ?things? such as furniture, products and appliances, his current design research practice investigates how to design the ?immaterial?, in particular the design of interior climates. The aim is to create spatial environments for living and working which are healthier, relaxed, productive, environmentally responsible and engender delight.

    Event series: Dynamics of Air

  • Silent Film with Live Soundtrack: 16.06.2019, Lucrecia Dalt | Der Golem: Brisbane
    Lucrecia Dalt  © Udo Siegfriedt For the fifth edition of its KinoKonzert series, the Goethe-Institut brings together a historic German horror film with a contemporary composer from Berlin. This is a unique opportunity to watch the rare cult flick Der Golem on the big screen accompanied by an original live score from electronic music producer Lucrecia Dalt. The Goethe-Institut presents this tour in close cooperation with its partners Sydney Film Festival, Dark Mofo, QAGOMA, NFSA, Astor Theatre, Liquid Architecture and Berlin Atonal.

    Lucrecia Dalt is a Berlin-based electronic musician and sound artist. Her work draws on a wealth of artistic and philosophical influences, including cinema, geotechnics, artificial intelligence, the ethics of listening and futuristic ideas. The Columbian-born producer has already released several solo albums and has toured extensively, playing festivals, galleries and clubs all over the world.

    Der Golem is a silent horror film from 1920, and a leading example of early German Expressionism. Based on a novel from 1914, Der Golem is set in a Jewish ghetto in 16th Century Prague. It tells the story of astrologer Rabbi who creates a clay figure that he brings to life with the assistance of a demon spirit and an amulet placed in the centre of the creature?s chest.

    Tour Dates:

    ? Sat 15 June 2019: Sydney ? Sydney Film Festival at Art Gallery of NSW
    ? Sun 16 June 2019: Brisbane ? Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA)
    ? Tue 18 June 2019: Canberra ? National Film & Sound Archive (NFSA)
    ? Wed 19 June 2019: Hobart ? Dark Mofo Festival at Hobart Town Hall
    ? Fri 21 June 2019: Melbourne ? The Astor Theatre
    In addition, Lucrecia Dalt will perform alongside other artists (without film) at:

    ? Thu 20 June 2019: Hobart ? Berlin Atonal at Dark Mofo
    ? Sat 22 June 2019: Melbourne ? Liquid Architecture at Northcote Uniting Church

    Ticket links will be online soon.

  • Artist Talk: 14.09.2018, Climate & Design
    Edith Kollath Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Thomas Auer is partner and managing director of Transsolar and professor for Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design at the TU Munich. He has developed concepts for buildings and districts noted for their innovative strategies, collaborating with world renowned architecture firms on numerous international design projects around the world.

    Transsolar is an international climate-engineering firm determined to create exceptional, highly comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces with a positive environmental impact. They pioneered the concept KlimaEngineering, which describes an approach to climate-responsive design that takes advantage of the specific local climate and surroundings to maximise user comfort and passive strategies. Such an approach tailors architectural and mechanical systems to the local climate and programmatic requirements, in order to contribute to a special experience for the user. Environmental qualities will become part of the experience ? while minimizing the use of resources.

    Edith Kollath works as a multimedia artist on questions of the visualization of uncertain states and their social and theoretical contexts. She works with sculpture as an expandable media with a performative potential. Instead of producing objects, she is interested in changing the state of existing material. In 2009, she graduated from University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, where she received a MFA in Time Related Media and Sculpture. During a three year stay in New York, from 2006-2009, she was an active member of the hacker collective ?NYC Resistor? and realized a number of exhibitions and projects. Since then, her installations, objects and works on paper have been exhibited in Germany and internationally. Since 2015, Edith has been a PhD candidate at the Bauhaus University Weimar.

    Event series: Dynamics of Air

  • Artist talk: 18.10.2018, Drones & Biomimicry
    Still from Bio-inspired sensing for Micro Air Vehicles video The invisibility of air means that we often struggle to perceive its magnitude. Birds such as Kestrels can sense flow disturbances in air turbulence through biological sensory systems, enabling them to hover in the air with pinpoint accuracy. It is this sense of ?flow? that drone expert, Professor Simon Watkins intends to mimic in drone flight, allowing drones to better cope with the instabilities in air turbulence. Watkins aims to enhance his drones through biomimicry - design modelled on biological entities and processes.

    During this public event, Simon Watkins will fly a drone through RMIT Gallery. He is also exhibiting state of the art modelling of air turbulence around buildings, using Computational Fluid Dynamics.

    Event series: Dynamics of Air

  • Artist talk: 08.11.2018, Wind generated drawing systems
    Cameron Robbins with ShadowPhase Cameron Robbins is an Australian artist based in Castlemaine, Victoria. His work interacts with the elemental forces of the natural world ? he works in collaboration with nature. In Dynamics of Air, he presents beautiful paintings that are drawn by the wind. His impressive ?wind-drawings? span five metres. They are created via a wind-powered mechanical instrument which transcribes weather patterns into abstract storms of ink onto paper. The drawings are accompanied by a video of the wind machines in action, capturing a symphony of scratching and winding rhythms. Originally installed and recorded at the Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) in Tasmania, Robbins? wind-drawings revealed to audiences the power of nature though invisible phenomena. His wind-drawing machine is due to feature as a permanent installation at Mona, where it will operate for up to a hundred years.

    Event series: Dynamics of Air