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  • Exhibition: 19.08. - 17.09.2017, ?Ich werde Deutsch (I Become German)?
    Maziar Moradi Without Title Iranian photographer Maziar Moradi was born in Teheran in 1975. Throughout his studies of Communication Design at Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaft Hamburg (HAW), Maziar specialised in photography. He now works as a free-lance photographer and has received several awards for his works so far, for example the Otto-Steinert-Preis, awarded by the German Photographic Association (DGPh). Maziar's works are also well-known outside Germany, with exhibitions not only in Berlin but also in Arles, Amsterdam and Washington. Maziar has been sponsored by Goethe-Institut to appear at Ballarat International Foto Biennale, and is part of the Biennale's Artists in Residence program.

    Maziar's powerful exhibition will explore the personal experiences of young people who were forced to leave their countries and start anew as immigrants in Germany as well as capturing those who were born in Germany but have grown up under the influence of their families? experiences, fates and losses of young immigrants. The work is at once personal and political, focusing on the individual circumstances of each life but also painting an overall picture of the face of immigration and change. Moradi invites the immigrants to re-enact key scenes of personal developments, dramatic experiences or turning points in their lives, seeing them become actors of their own stories as they weave a narrative of what it means to become German.

    Saturday, 9th September, 2-4pm
    Meet artist Maziar Moradi in a public Q&A session at Post Office Gallery Ballarat

  • Reading: 24.08. - 29.08.2017, Dirk Kurbjuweit reads "Fear"

    Dirk Kurbjuweit is deputy editor-in-chief at Der Spiegel and divides his time between Berlin and Hamburg. He has received numerous awards for his writing, including the Egon Erwin Kisch Prize for journalism, and is the author of eight critically acclaimed novels, many of which have been adapted for film, television and radio in Germany.  We are delighted to announce that Dirk Kurbjuweit will come to Australia from 24th to 29th August ? along with his critically acclaimed novels Fear (2013) and Twins (2013), the first of his works to be translated into English.

    Fear tells the story of Randolph Tiefenthaler, a hard-working architect who lives a sheltered life in Berlin-Lichtenfelde, together with his wife and his kids. A picture-perfect family ? until their neighbour mutates into an intrusive stalker and begins to scare the Tiefenthalers. Although his attacks get worse and worse, police and authorities stand on the sidelines and force Randolph to take action in order to protect his loved ones against the intruder.

    Kurbjuweit reveals with oppressive tension how fast our confidence in the state of law can be shaken and
    brings up the question whether it is justifiable to take the law into our own hands in order to protect the people we love.

  • Exhibition and performance series: 07.06. - 30.06.2017, Jasmine Guffond & Jessica Ekomane: "Untold Stories"
    Installation view Untold Stories Three site-specific sound installations by Jessica Ekoname and Jasmine Guffond cast a glance at the ephemeral and invisible infrastructures behind our day-to-day perception.

    As humans try to grasp the underlying systems determining our environment, we are faced with the limitations of our perceptual apparatus.

    In collaboration with Silje Nes, ?Untold Stories? investigates these limits, and thereby information that is usually inaccessible to us. Exploring the act of perceiving, the works engage with phenomena that lie outside of the human sensory range such as global wireless networks or the kinetic and vibrational properties of sub sonic sounds.

     Untold Stories ? Jessica Ekomane, Jasmine Guffond, Silje Nes from Noko Ana on Vimeo.

    Jasmine Guffond is a sound artist and composer living and working in Berlin, Germany. Her music draws upon influences from experimental electronic, song, techno and avant-garde, working with abstract sound as much as traditional musical forms.

    Jessica Ekomane graduated from a Masters of Sound Studies at the Berlin University of the Arts (UDK) in 2015. In her practice, she explores the cathartic effect between noise and melody, transforming spaces and audiences through rhythmic structures.

    Firstdraft Opening Hours:

    Wednesday - Sunday
    12 - 6 pm

    Opening night with performance:
    June 7th, 6 - 8 pm

    Event series: Jasmine Guffond, Jessica Ekomane, Silje Nes in Australia

  • Student Event : 14.06. - 16.06.2017, German Zoo Days QLD
    Zoo Days What is a Ring-tailed Possum in German? Or a Short-beaked Echidna? What about a Blue Tongued Lizard? Where does the python live? What animal cannot get enough of eating Praying Mantids and how does a crocodile get its babies? If that sounds interesting for your students, the German Zoo Days Goethe Goes Wild offered by the Goethe Institute Australien are just the right idea for you and your German classes!

    The German Zoo Days that are especially created for Year 7 and 8 students of German are a fun way to experience cute animals in the target language German.

    We are looking forward to seeing many enthusiastic animal lovers.

  • Conference: 20.05. - 21.05.2016, Goethe-Institut/ SAGTA Conference for Teachers of German in South Australia
    Whiteboard mit Logos The Goethe-Institut/ SAGTA conference is a great source of information and ideas for teachers of German in South Australia. Don?t miss out on this professional learning opportunity. The Goethe-Institut Australien will also be present with the latest updates and materials. For conference program and registrations visit the SAGTA website.

  • Concert: 15.06.2017, Ensemble Modern plays Zappa
    Ensemble Modern plays Yellow Shark by Zappa Frank Zappa composed Yellow Shark in 1992 especially for Ensemble Modern. Tom Waits described it as one of his favourite works, writing "the ensemble is awe-inspiring. It is a rich pageant of texture and colour. It's the clarity of his perfect madness, and mastery. Frank governs with Elmore James on his left and Stravinsky on his right. Frank reigns and rules with the strangest tools." Join members of Ensemble Modern as they work with musicians at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) in this unique and exciting performance.
    Johannes Debus will conduct the concert.

    They will play: 

    Frank Zappas The Adventures of Greggery Peccary

    Frank Zappas Yellow Shark

  • Professional Development: 27.05. - 10.06.2017, German Proficiency Seminars in QLD
    Professional Development GERMAN PROFICIENCY SEMINARS

    27 May Toowoomba
    3 June Brisbane
    10 June Bundaberg

    All teachers of German in State School are invited to participate in a professional learning seminar, facilitated by language consultants from the Goethe-Institut.
    The focus of the seminar will be language proficiency for classroom teachers and the pedagogy of the engaged classroom.
    Three seminars will be conducted. One in Brisbane and one in Toowoomba and one in Bundaberg.
    As a German teacher in a State School, there will be no cost to your school. Teachers of German in the non-government sector can register for one of the small number of places (a total of 10 places across the 3 sites) set aside for non-government teachers, but a registration fee will apply.

    Further information and registration:


  • Concert: 09.06.2017, Ensemble Modern plays Trailblazing
    The famous Frankfurt Ensemble Modern For over 35 years Ensemble Modern, based in Frankfurt, has blazed a trail of innovation and searing virtuosity as one of the leading contemporary groups on the planet. They are regular guests at the world?s most prestigious festivals, including Salzburg, Festwochen Wien, Lincoln Center, Festival d?Automne Paris and the Lucerne Festival. It?s now the Australian National Academy of Music?s turn to welcome members of Ensemble Modern to Melbourne to lead a survey of some of the most startling music of the past decade, together with the occasional 20th century classic.

    They will play:

    Milliken's Pollock

    Widmann's Etude no. 2

    Kretzschmar's Eskalation

    Goebbels' Toccata for Teapot & Piccolo

    Zuraj's Warm Up

    Yun's Octet for clarinet, bassoon, horn and string quintet

    Cage's Variations 1

    Poppe's Gelöschte Lieder.

  • Talk: 25.05.2017, Andrea Grützner in conversation @ RMIT
    Image details Erbgericht: Untitled 1 & Untitled 10 Join Berlin-based photographer Andrea Grützner as she talks about her practice as part of RMIT's Intersect series.

    Whilst taking photography as a starting point, the young artist seems to shift between the mediums of photography, painting and collage. As her subject matter, Grützner depict spaces beyond their physicality: in historic, social and aesthetic terms.

    Two of her bodies of work, referencing a guesthouse in her home of Saxony, will be on display at the Centre for Contemporary Photography in Fitzroy from Thursday 8 June.

  • Book Launch: 15.06.2016, SkypeLab. Transcontinental Faces and Spaces
     Prof. Henning Eichinger presenting the second publication How do Skype and art go together? This question arose in 2012 and induced Maggie McCornick and her colleague Professor Henning Eichinger to initiate the fascinating mutual arts research project between the RMIT University Melbourne and the Reutlingen University in Germany, which was first called Skypetrait. In the first three months, six students from each University met in German-Australian pairs in multiple three minute drawing sessions via Skype. Based on the blind contour drawing method, Skypetrait requires the artists neither to look at what they are drawing nor to lift their pencil, but apart from that, they are free to use any artistic technique, which has led to a lot of different, interesting and abstract results. Because of its extraordinary success and overwhelming public interest, it was decided to continue the project with the name SkypeLab and to extend it. The East China Normal University and the Goethe-Institut in Shanghai became the third and fourth cooperation partners. In order to expand the SkypeLab network, more stations are planned.

    Three years after the release of their first book Skypetrait: Transcontinental Faces, Maggie McCornick and Professor Henning Eichinger brought out their latest publication SkypeLab: Transcontinental Faces, which introduces the talented participants and shows the impressive and amazing outcomes of the project.

    On Wednesday 15 June you have the opportunity to check out this exciting project and enjoy the new book, which will be launched by Professor Paul Gough at the RMIT Design Hub. The Head of the School of Art and the German Honorary Consul-General Michael Pearce will also be there.

    Wednesday 15 June 2016 5-7 pm
    RMIT Design Hub, Building 100, Level 9
    Corner Victoria and Swanston Streets
    Carlton VIC 3000