SZENE: National Journal

The teachers’ journal SZENE is produced and published by the Association of German Teachers of Victoria Inc. A0024716J in cooperation with the Network of Australian Teachers of German (NATG).

SZENE documents the presence of German in schools and facilitates the sharing of ideas between teachers across Australia. The Committee of the AGTV appoints an Editor, and oversees and pays for all costs of production. Some funding has been gratefully received to support SZENE from the Goethe-Institut since the first issue was produced in 1980.

The AGTV currently publishes one issue of SZENE published in Semester 1.

Contributions to SZENE

Reports and teaching ideas can be forwarded at any time. Advertising space is also for sale.

Contact the AGTV Editor: Maja Herr

Australian, International and Business Subscriptions to SZENE

Membership of the Victorian (AGTV) and South Australian (SAGTA) German teacher associations receive a complimentary subscription to SZENE for the calendar year. NB: An Australian Subscription does not entitle the subscriber to benefits of individual or school membership of the AGTV.

There are two types of Australian subscriptions:

1. An individual can subscribe to an ‘Australian Individual Subscription + Extras’ for $20.00. It is current for one year from the time payment is received. A personal email is required and the subscription may include access to additional services or materials as determined by the Committee.

2. An ‘Australian School/Library Subscription’ to SZENE for $20.00.

International and business subscriptions are available on application to the AGTV.

Please note that only the required numbers are printed to post to current members/subscribers at the time of each publication. Back copies may not be available.

How to subscribe to SZENE

Subscribe to SZENE via the online subscriptions on the AGTV’s secure online member management system. Renewal reminders are automatically sent to the email registered on the system.

Find further information about how to subscribe along with lists of content and links from past issues on the AGTV public website via this link National Journal SZENE.

Please direct any questions about subscriptions to the AGTV: